Monday, January 2, 2017

December 19, 2016--Week 71

Hey mom (this can be my weekly as well),

I will try to answer all of your questions...
First, skype time, I’m not sure because we have A LOT of appointments and we got permission to go see the Korean branch and I don't know what time that will be. I would imagine around 4-5pm our time would probably be the easiest for us, but I am sure I will be able to call the day before as President Taggart has let us do before to schedule for sure. If not, plan for about 4-5pm my time and just know it will work out. I will worry about it later in the week. Along with the skype call now before I forget, I would like to teach a 4 minute version of the Restoration to the family. Maybe at the end or beginning. 

Second, my eyes are doing well. I get my right contact this past Thursday. My left one is doing okay.  It is better than having nothing in, but it is still pretty hazy…maybe at about 20/70 right now. It is VERY hard to put these contacts in and it requires a different kind of solution. I will explain the process on the skype call later. But the eyes are doing good. There is no rejection now in the right eye… Dr. Constad says that  if I continue to baby it and treat it, I may be fine indefinitely. So we will see. I also got a awesome blessing from Elder Merritt last week (pre-surgery) that had a promise that if I am obedient to mission rules and work hard, I will be able to stay in New Jersey to finish my mission. So I am trusting that. 

Third, the mission conference was fun on Friday. I got the big package that you sent then.  Thank you!  It was basically just a big get together with fun and spiritual stuff with the whole mission so I got to see all of my friends from the mission and spend some time with them. Sunday night we had a NJ wide Christmas fireside put on by the missionaries. I was able to see a lot of people there who I haven't seen in a really long time (Collin, Rocksan, a lot of the members from the Korean branch who I got to talk to) and it was super awesome.

Everything else this week is going really well. I am loving it here and I’m ready for the holiday season to be over—so that we can get back to our regular world, but this week should be awesome!


P.S.  Here is a few pictures as well. Bart Oats (a 5 time super bowl winner O-lineman) is the bishop in a ward in NJ and came to speak to us this Friday. We got a picture with his super bowl ring. Then a picture with Elder Koo (my trainer) his other two trainees and I. Lastly, a picture from our ward Christmas party with our Asian santa :). I love NJ!!!

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