Monday, December 12, 2016

November 18, 2016--Week 66

Dear loved ones,

Thank you so much for your fasting and prayers!  There were a lot of people fasting yesterday—and I truly believe in the collective power of the faithful when united in a joint purpose.  As a result, we’ve been blessed with a couple of specific miracles.  Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from Sister Goddard, the mission nurse.  She forwarded me a text from Jacob which read:

“Sister Goddard, Another update:  Since about 11:00 this morning, my vision has rapidly been returning to the point that I can almost see back to normal.  I don’t know what is happening, but it is a miracle so far. —Elder NIckerl”

This afternoon, Sister Goddard updated me again to let me know that today Jacob texted her to let her know that he was able to put his contact in his eye as usual, can see, and that he’s back to work as normal.  

We also had an additional miracle when we found that with some convincing, our insurance will cover the cornea specialist that Jacob saw Monday.  He is a very well-respected physician, is the head medical director for the State of New Jersey Eye Bank, is a professor at Rutgers Medical School, and leads some of the most cutting edge cornea research on the East Coast—and Jacob loved and trusted him.  I don’t think it’s coincidental that Jacob was matched with this doctor by the emergency room last Saturday and that his office is only a few blocks from where Jacob lives.  

We can see the hand of God in so many ways this week.  Thank you, thank you for your prayers.  Angela

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